Dr. Mandy Lagreca DCN, CNS, LN

Dr. Mandy Lagreca DCN, CNS, LN

Dr. Mandy Lagreca (DCN, CNS, FDN-P, CCN, LN) is a renown functional practitioner specializing in Bladder Pain Syndrome (BPS) and Interstitial Cystitis (IC). Her clinic, IC Healer, serves people worldwide who are frustrated with traditional medicine and desire a new approach. The IC Healer clinic investigates the Root Cause of their clients condition. Using science based testing and their signature health history review, the clinic is able to determine the Root Cause for most of their clients. Once you are able to detect the Root Cause, you can start to target the underlying issue causing the symptoms that are appearing. The reason why many people are coming to the practice stems from the clinics belief that prescriptions and surgery are not addressing the underlying problem. Through natural healing protocols, IC Healer is able to leverage the clients own immune system to repair the damage and arrive at a point of homeostasis where the symptoms dissipate and the condition can be reversed.

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Mandy is a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition that specializes in investigating the root cause of your ailments. She uses cutting edge science to help guide you to optimal health using the mind, body, and heart. She uses methodologies that will inspire you, and ignite your desire to change to become greater than the desire to stay the same. She will be your health advocate throughout your journey.

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